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Paranoia at the Zoo

Colour photograph, 60x 70cm | 2013
Proposal for a Graffiti in the Lions Pit.

From a letter to the curator:
"The piece we have in mind is very simple, but might find some difficulties getting realized. The proposal is to make a text-piece consisting of a single-line black grafitti tag, saying: "Something Is Not Right Here". It should be hand-sprayed in the lions pit, to the right side of the growth on the wall.

The handsprayed graffiti has a somewhat comical effect, evoking the presence of a person (who has since disappeared) and opens a number of references, associations and workings within the context.

We conceived of the idea within the framework of the Jodorovsky Project, thinking of the ZOO as a place that produces a mental blockade for a healthy paranoia about society.

The text is meant as a trigger for such paranoia- not only towards the lions, who could indeed jump from their pit if they wanted, but also towards society as a whole, in which we are like the lions: we do not realize we are caged as long a we have enough to eat."